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Event Strategy

Event Marketing Partners has extensive experience partnering with Fortune 500 companies including Intel, Microsoft, HP, SAP, Symantec, Ciena, and Dell to smaller and/or emerging brands and entities such as ExactTarget, Adap.TV, TechSmith, and the Port of Long Beach. Event strategy runs through our veins.

We have a few beliefs that are at the heart of our strategic development process:

  • We believe in asking “why” – getting to the core of the situation by asking questions.
  • We believe that marketing is about people, so we bring an understanding of how people operate to make smart marketing decisions.
  • We believe in simplicity – that expressing a business challenge and recommended strategy does not have to be complicated in order to be successful.
  • We believe in stakeholder synchronization and gathering of data (internal, industry and audience) to develop the overriding event strategy for the process of how audience engagement at events fits into the overall integrated marketing goals and/or objectives.
  • Overall event strategy required that aligns marketing/business strategies with the event itself, while considering current trends, new ideas, and the competitive arena.

Portfolio Planning

We provide counsel to companies to help determine the best events to exhibit, speak at, sponsor or host in order to reach their target audiences. Our team at EMP works diligently to identify the ideal number, frequency, type and cadence of events to include in your portfolio to drive relationships, sales and ROI. This is not a simple exercise. Many factors must be considered, including: industry, target audience(s), audience trends, products and solutions available, competitive landscape, the economy, and budget.

We also know that even well-thought out plans often need to be adapted. Flexibility is key when you need to respond to the changing needs of any industry.

At EMP, we are well aware that many factors may change your strategy and we are there to modify your portfolio to address your needs as necessary.

Portfolio Planning - Yext

Individual Event Strategy

Events tell a tale – a part of your company’s larger story.

At EMP, we design each event with the goal that each audience member leaves with being well-versed in your marketing messages. This is done by making sure all elements of an event program and all event communications contribute to a rich, compelling attendee journey.

Through an understanding of all audience types, EMP will outline a set of journeys that clearly indicate how we’ll deliver effective and engaging experiences that are customized for each attendee segment.

An informed strategy must be the core of every successful event and serve as a platform for sharing your industry point of view with customers, press/analysts, partners, and employees.

This strategy aligns event elements resulting in a clear direction for how individual audience activations contribute to the attendee’s journey. Based on the overarching event strategy and creative briefing, we’ll create a customized Message Hierarchy, which will inform all content development. We also recognize that a good story isn’t just about how that story is messaged – we’ll work to identify the right tone, manner and, crucially, the right people to tell the story.

Event Registration

Event registration is a key part of Event Marketing Partner’s (EMP) suite of services. EMP registration experts have managed thousands of events of practically every type and size, registering millions of attendees.

Online and On-site

  • Bulletproof Software as a Service (SaaS) platform
    • Custom online registration solutions that will make your job easier and provide the first step in a successful attendee experience
    • Our cost-effective registration platform includes a full suite of solutions for attendees, vendors, and speakers
    • Accurate data collection
    • Robust reporting features
  • Call center support
  • EMP’s award winning event management and staff available on-site
  • Complete attendee support 24/7
  • Badge printing (pre-printed badges or printing on-site)
  • Management of the on-site check in process

Turnkey or DIY

  • Turn the project over to us. We will work with your team to provide a turnkey customized easy-to-use registration solution that does exactly what you need.
  • Or take the helm yourselves and let us provide support and advice.

Flexibility, Availability, Scalability

  • Intelligent customized registration forms
  • Accurately collect data
  • Personalize the registration experience for every attendee
  • Customized and personalized attendee registration workflows
  • Robust, secure cloud-based system always on
  • Scalable for any size and level of complexity
    • Intimate corporate meetings and events
    • Medium sized industry conferences and trade shows
    • User groups and road shows
    • Tradeshows of 50,000+

Additional Registration-related Services

  • Manage your attendee types, hotel room blocks and roommate assignments, accept payments
  • Exhibitor Resource Center
  • Mobile apps and social media
  • Content management
  • Track attendee arrivals and departures to provide hotel check-in and check-out times and schedule transportation to and from local airports.
Event Conference Registration - Salesforce
Audience Acquisition Strategy

Audience Acquisition

Effective messaging and design assets coupled with an intelligent marketing plan are the pillars of successful audience acquisition. As part of our process, we look at past performance… analytics from audience acquisition efforts in previous events and past creative design/elements. We then call upon our expertise and experience to determine what drives your prospective attendees to register using our knowledge of technology event audiences and insights gleaned from our audience segmentation. Based upon those findings, we develop new creative elements and test them with potential audiences to ensure that they will resonate and become part of the comprehensive marketing plan. The marketing plan identifies the ideal placement, types, and the most effective cadence of those communications. Marketing communications will not only include platforms such as email, social media, direct mail, paid media, telemarketing and other elements, but also elements for sales team engagements. Our plan and projections will be re-assessed and adjusted in real time, as needed.

Venue Selection and Negotiation

Identifying the ideal location(s) for your event(s) is not as easy as “location, location, location”. There are a host of considerations that must be taken into account, such as:

  • Marketing and Sales Strategies/Goals
  • Needs of Your Attendees
  • Event Size and Flow
  • Budget
  • Competitive (Event) Analysis
  • Timing

By taking the above (and more!) into consideration, EMP will recommend the best venue options for your company. We will then take the next step and perform site inspections to ensure the proposed properties align with your unique needs.

Upon determination of the venue, our seasoned professionals will negotiate the best price with the property for the event, room blocks, audiovisual, food functions, and any of your other needs. EMP will also optimize your payment plan.

Finding the right location for your meeting or event sets the tone for your success. Whether the venue is selected to provide a visual backdrop to a gala dinner, to provide quick and easy access for the attendees or simply to be cost-effective, our extensive relationships with national and international chains, independent locations and exciting venues provides you with a range of choices designed to fit your meeting or event.

Event Create Event Theme Development - Dell Retail

Event Creative and Theme Development

The last final “P” in EMP stands for “Partners”. Our corporate philosophy is that we partner with our clients; working together, as opposed to operating in isolated pods. We work with you as an extension of your team to ensure that the look, feel, and theme is on-brand and aligns with your specific marketing goals.

We pride ourselves in that we work creatively within defined parameters. We have the ability to “think outside of the box,” yet ensure that we have not forgotten about the box itself. From the initial invitation to the on-site experience, to when attendees arrive at your event, all aspects of the production plan and stage is a reflection of your company’s image.

EMP understand brands and takes the time to become well-versed in yours. The result: we can interpret your corporate goals and translate them into a memorable, on-brand experience for all attendees.


EMP produces events tailored to your industry, budget, audience, and alike. We pay the same attention to every aspect – whether high-tech/large budget to low-tech/limited budget. The devil is in the details and we have the experience and expertise to put your company center stage. Our productions are each individually designed to utilize the best methods to ensure your company’s vision is clearly communicated to your customers/thought leadership. EMP utilizes the right creative and maintains tight budgetary restraints while managing all aspects of production.

We work collaboratively with all the event players (hotel staff, audiovisual, thought leaders, etc.) to provide the maximum audience impact.


Each meeting and event has its own unique complexity and requires careful logistics management to ensure functional, educational and financial success. We approach the management of logistics with a focus on thorough, careful attention to each of the myriad details necessary for a successful meeting or event. Our focus encompasses operational and financial expertise. Results of our experience and success is provided to you through ongoing communication and timely reporting. Our rich experience of managing meetings and events, our commitment to leverage best practices and our significant past performance will give you the confidence that your meeting or event is being executed with the highest degree of professionalism.

Sponsorship Sales

Sponsorship sales are a key component of a user conference. We have the experience, expertise, and data needed to help you develop a customized event marketing strategy, as well as the resources to implement it.

To reach your sponsor/exhibit sales objectives, Event Marketing Partners will develop a “go-to-market” sponsorship strategy, create benefits packages for key eco-system partners, and we utilize industry best practices, such as “Value-Based Pricing” and competitive benchmarking.

We will assist with your sales objectives at any level of involvement, from taking on the entire sales effort to operating in conjunction with your internal or external sales teams.

Event Survey and Measurement

From the beginning stages of planning every event through post event surveys, EMP compiles data.   Data collection and interpretation is one of the keys to a successful event and is crucial to ensure that we can build upon its success.

Your event marketing strategy starts with data:

  • The data to understand which events you are participating in or hosting today
  • The data to analyze your event choices by industry, sector, or region
  • The data to manage your event budgets.

This information provides the opportunity to make informed decisions that move you closer to achieving your business and marketing goals.

On-site, we employ the tools and processes such as registration, meeting and meeting notes, time and budget management, necessary for supporting the event.

Surveys during and following the event not only prove that you’ve met your marketing objectives, that data allows us to work with you to identify how to build upon the current year.

Simply put, our tools promote fact-based event decisions resulting in higher returns on investments and objectives, leading to the success of your event marketing program.

Speaker Management

At Event Marketing Partners we understand the importance of the key opinion leaders (KOLs) in your industry. The KOLs secured as speakers for your event are typically one of the major audience draws and, often, their presence can be a primary factor in an event’s success. EMP can source, secure and negotiate content relevant speakers for your events. Whether it be a user conference, sales conference or employee event, we will find the best speakers to help you motivate and educate your audience.

Our team of event experts ensure that your speakers and special guests are treated with the respect they deserve. We work hard to ensure all logistics related to travel and the event are taken care of so they can focus on their presentations and your audience.

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