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Event Strategy for Virtual and Live Events

Event strategy is at the heart of EMP’s core offering and process. We counsel clients and help determine the best portfolio of events to host, sponsor, exhibit, and speak. Our process is designed to establish the ideal number, mix, frequency, type, and cadence of events to generate pipeline, drive relationships, sales, and ROI.

We believe in asking ‘why’ and digging deeply into goals, data and perceptions with real questions designed to yield insight and untapped opportunity. Once the overall event portfolio is established, it’s time to create individual event strategies detailing how each event will deliver on its objectives, as well as its role in the overall portfolio strategy. This strategy outlines a set of compelling journeys for each attendee segment to indicate how each will receive an effective, engaging and customized experience. And we’re always at the ready to modify event portfolio composition to address necessary real-time change.

Virtual/Hybrid Event Solutions

Virtual events should be a strategic element of your live event marketing experience. This hybrid model can enhance both approaches and create a year-round engagement with your audiences that supports demand-gen, thought leadership, and extends your event ecosystem. Our approach is not limited to a single platform or technology; it is focused on creating powerful, engaging experiences just as we do when producing live events.

The experience you want to create should drive your activation, not the technology. EMP’s team of event professionals can help create and manage your online virtual event experience. Whether it’s your ‘booth’ or experience via an online platform provided by a tradeshow or conference management company or creating your own virtual event, EMP partners with full-service, virtual experiential platforms to create powerful online event experiences.

Content Development and Speaker Management

For events, content is the # 1 driver of why someone chooses to attend an event. In fact, we have the data to prove that content-related items are the top four drivers of why people attend events.

EMP will help you develop the content strategy for your external or internal events in order to:

  • Align your event content to your overall event goals and objectives
  • Develop content strategy including message hierarchy and delivery
  • Align speaker presentations with the event’s Red Thread.
  • EMP can also assist with speaker content development, executive script writing, main stage production elements, rehearsals (blocking, stage presence, delivery) and last-minute content changes. Our team will help bring content to life and ensure it’s presented in a memorable and impactful way – through efficient messages that include the right amount of visual, graphic, and video assets. Each speaker’s confidence is bolstered by being supported with tools that work for her/him: downstage speaker notes, cue cards, or other materials.

At EMP, we understand the importance of the key opinion leaders (KOLs) in your industry. The KOLs secured as speakers for your event are typically one of the major audience draws and, often, their presence can be a primary factor in an event’s success. EMP can source, secure and negotiate content relevant speakers for your events. Whether it be user conferences, sales kickoff meetings or incentive events, we will find the best speakers to help you motivate and educate your audience.

Event Creative and Theme Development

At EMP, we delve into the fabric of your company- your overall corporate/brand goals and objectives and pinpoint those specific to your event marketing needs. We do this by identifying your ‘Red Thread’ (of course, should your event be a ‘horse of a different color’, we’re happy to use your own, unique CMYK combination).

The Red Thread is the unspoken elements knit into every aspect of an event to create cohesion and meaning. It gives each aspect “cohesiveness, significance and meaning” in order to support overall thematic (experience, messaging, and touchpoints.

From the thread comes the theme: the overarching message seen by all. This is the event’s central topic or idea, such as “inspiration”, “change”, “leadership”, or other aspiration that you want attendees to absorb and bring back to their offices to share with their team.

Identifying your Red Thread is such an integral part of event success that we typically hold a workshop with both your event and executive team to both identify and define it. We also reevaluate each event’s Red Thread annually and revise, as necessary, to align with internal corporate and external market changes.

EMP will work with your team to ensure that your event spend is optimized to provide attendees with a journey where they follow the Red Thread from registration through the closing keynote. Engaged, entertained, and educated, their experiences will include a host of event creative elements that reinforce the event theme and reflect your brand and event marketing messaging.

5 e's of Experience Design

Audience Acquisition

Successful audience acquisition starts with a smart strategy and requires the proper mix of tactics, compelling content, targeted calls to action and effective execution. Our process begins with discovery to define target markets, understand personas and document event objectives. We look at past performance, competitive landscape and market situation to understand what’s worked in the past and what is the best strategy forward. This step creates alignment and focus.

Pairing our extensive experience with the most current data, insights gleaned from audience segmentation and future trends, we create your audience acquisition strategy and detailed contact strategies for each audience segment. We develop messaging and creative, testing them with potential audiences to ensure they will resonate. The exact mix and communications cadence are driven by the findings of the audience segmentation and include email, social media, paid search, telemarketing and other platforms. Our goal is to determine the most effective mix of tactics at the most efficient budget. The plan and metrics are monitored, assessed and adjusted in real time as needed.

Event Registration

Event registration and housing are key parts of EMP’s suite of services. Our experts have managed thousands of events of every type and size, registering millions of attendees. We will customize registration and housing solutions in order to make your job easier, as well as provide the first step in a successful attendee experience.

Solutions are scalable for events of any size and completely customizable for programs ranging from intimate corporate events to road shows, mid-sized and large-scale industry/user conferences, trade shows and events.

Services include:

  • Pre-event
  • Registration platform development
  • Call center support
  • Exhibitor Resource Center
  • Mobile App (optional)
  • On-site
  • Manage attendee types, hotel room blocks and roommate assignments, accept payments
  • Personalized registration experience for every attendee
  • Management of on-site check-in process
  • Badge printing (pre-printed or printed on-site)
  • Post-event
  • Robust reporting functionality
Event Conference Registration photo of Salesforce Connections 2014

Website and App Development

We’ve produced countless website design and development projects for companies in various industries. Winning numerous awards for our designs, EMP has a diverse international and local team of seasoned development professionals.

We help determine site functionality, features and content then optimize to perform well in search engine rankings. We’ll transform your website through coding, design, and content development to make it an attendee-generating tool for your events.

EMP’s talented team also creates powerful, easy-to-use apps designed to enhance attendee experiences, provide users with a unique service, or simplify internal processes. We prioritize clean, organized back ends and dynamic, scalable front ends when developing web portals, enterprise automation apps, microsites, and e-commerce solutions.

Logistics for Virtual and Live Events

Each meeting and event has its own unique complexity and requires careful logistics management to ensure functional, educational and financial success. We approach the management of logistics with a focus on thorough, careful attention to each of the myriad of details necessary for a successful meeting or event.

Our focus encompasses operational and financial expertise. Results of our experience and success are provided to you through ongoing communication and timely reporting. Our rich experience of managing meetings and events, our commitment to leverage best practices and our significant past performance will give you the confidence your meeting or event is being executed with the highest degree of professionalism.

Event and Main Stage Production

Our in-house production team creates events and main stage experiences tailored to your industry, budget, audience, and alike. We pay the same attention to every aspect – whether high-tech/large budget to low-tech/limited budget. The devil is in the details and we have the experience and expertise to put your company center stage. Our productions are each individually designed to utilize the best methods to ensure your company’s vision is clearly communicated to your customers. EMP utilizes the right creative and maintains tight budgetary restraints while managing all aspects of production.

We work collaboratively with all the event players (hotel staff, audiovisual, thought leaders, etc.) to provide maximum audience impact.

Sponsorship Sales

Sponsorship sales is a key component of user conferences. We have the experience, expertise, and data needed to help you develop a customized event sponsorship strategy, as well as the resources to implement it.

To reach your sponsor/exhibit sales objectives, Event Marketing Partners will develop a “go-to-market” sponsorship strategy, create benefits packages for key eco-system partners, and utilize industry best practices, such as “Value-Based Pricing” and competitive benchmarking. We will assist with your sales objectives at any level of involvement, from taking on the entire sales effort to operating in conjunction with your internal or external sales teams.

Field or Mobile Event Marketing Truck Photo

Field/Mobile Event Marketing

Utilizing our global footprint, EMP can create and rollout field/mobile event marketing programs across the U.S., NATAM, EMEA, and APAC while managing all associated logistics. Not only is our reach virtually limitless, but we can manage programs of varying types to deliver your messages to your customers and prospects. This can be done by working with your field representatives to facilitate field/mobile marketing events, including:

  • Roadshows for small groups at hotels/venues
  • Meetings at customers/prospects offices
  • Traveling events, such as truck tours with customized trailers

For each of these, EMP also provides in-house warehouse and fulfillment services. We can store, send, receive, and track all of your event collateral (signage, supplies, and alike). This allows us to work with your field reps to get the supplies to your audiences and have a central hub for those assets to minimize waste.

Tradeshow Management

Participating in an industry tradeshow or conference?  Short on staff during the busy event seasons? Looking for experienced tradeshow managers to support your programs? EMP will project manage your presence at tradeshows and user conferences with specialists who have years of experience managing brand activations/booths at tradeshows.

Acting as an extension of your team, your EMP project manager will help you plan how best to achieve your goals and objectives. They will partner with you and your team to strategize how best to present your message to attendees. The EMP project manager will take care of all of — or as many as you want us to manage — the pre-event planning details including overall project management, timeline management, logistics, ERC management, lead management, discussions with the show organizers, consultation on booth property, and vendor management to name a few of our services.

EMP can also be your onsite event manager during set up, the event days and tear down. We can manage the booth, vendors, partners and booth staff as required. Post-event, we will provide detailed reports.

Event Venue Selection and Negotiation

Identifying the ideal location for your event is not as easy as “location, location, location”. There are a host of considerations which must be taken into account, such as:

  • Marketing and Sales Strategies/Goals
  • Needs of Your Attendees
  • Event Size and Flow
  • Budget
  • Competitive (Event) Analysis
  • Timing

By taking the above (and more!) into consideration, EMP will recommend the best venue options for your company. We will then take the next step and perform site inspections to ensure the proposed properties align with your unique needs.

Upon determination of the venue, our seasoned professionals will negotiate the best price with the property for the event, room blocks, audiovisual, food functions, and any additional requirements. EMP will also optimize your payment plan.

Event Survey and Measurement

From the beginning stages of planning every event through post event surveys, EMP compiles data.   Data collection and interpretation is one of the keys to a successful event and is crucial to ensure that we can build upon its success.

Your event marketing strategy starts with data:

  • The data to understand which events you are participating in or hosting today
  • The data to analyze your event choices by industry, sector, or region
  • The data to manage your event budgets
  • This information provides the opportunity to make informed decisions which move you closer to achieving your business and marketing goals.

On-site, we employ the tools and processes such as registration, meeting and meeting notes, time and budget management, necessary to support the event. Surveys during and following the event not only prove you’ve met your marketing objectives, but this data allows us to work with you to identify how to build upon the current year.

Simply put, our tools promote fact-based event decisions resulting in higher returns on investments and objectives, leading to the success of your event marketing program.

Event Survey and Measurement static

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