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The flurry of October’s events has begun to settle a bit which gives the EMP team a chance to catch our breath from the fourteen (and counting!) virtual events we’ve helped clients manage this month. Over the past few months, we have vetted dozens of virtual event platforms and have managed events on five virtual platforms. That includes Catalyst 2020 for Broadcom customers, partners and Knights. This global event series was comprised of six live events held across three GEOs with post-event on-demand viewing. The events were tremendously well received by the client and their many attendees. 

Since the pandemic quickly changed this industry, we’ve learned a lot about the critical differences between virtual and live events. While the goals for engagement are often very similar, the ways you successfully achieve that engagement are sometimes very different than live events. Watch for an upcoming blog post on those key differences. As a team, we are happy to be able to help clients like Symantec Enterprise Division and others achieve their engagement goals with virtual connections. 

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