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Uncertainty. There’s that

Talking with clients recently, there’s still a lot of uncertainty in the air. We all know that in-person events will be back this year – and a select few have already happened – but timing and format remain the elephant in the room as we saw in CEIR’s outlook data.

The uncertainty is a cascade that flows from event venues limited by local regulations to show organizers unable to make firm plans to our clients — and event professionals like them — who need to make choices with limited information and, perhaps, their trusty Magic 8 Ball®.

Magic 8 Ball aside, we all bear the weight of the unknown as we craft an event strategy and then revise it multiple times as the facts change and evolve. Just this week, two industry events that were planned to be in-person have shifted to virtual requiring all of us to adapt to the changing landscape. As a team, we encourage each other knowing that we will get through this and – on the other side of this pandemic, when in-person events are back – there will be no questioning the value of face-to-face events and their ability to generate leads, demand and sales. In the meantime, we are thankful to have work with valued clients dedicated to creating exceptional event experiences. At EMP, we can’t wait for the long days and challenges of resuming in-person events. Bring it on!

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