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Strategy & Creative

STRATEGICALLY aligning event marketing with your organization’s business objectives.

Successful event strategies align with business objectives, have clearly defined goals, and create compelling engagement. EMP can help you create an event marketing strategy to reach your target audiences how and where you need to meet them.

Whether your event strategy needs a refresh or a reboot for today’s reality, EMP’s proven process will help you to understand your audiences’ needs and how to best connect with them.

EMP’s portfolio planning process is designed to help you maximize your marketing spend by objectively identifying and prioritizing the key events that align with your goals and your target audiences.

We can help you develop an overall event marketing strategy that includes proprietary (1P), third-party (3P) and partner events or focus on a single segment. Our process eliminates subjectivity and takes the guesswork out of which events have the greatest reach and ability to drive ROI for your organization.

Creating a bond between you and your customers and prospects is more impactful when they are involved in the experience, and not simply observing. An immersive, interactive experience increases excitement and engagement with your brand, and creates a bond that is memorable. 

We develop engagements that create lasting memories AND drive sales, while sharing the benefits of your brand, products, and services.  From a conference trade show floor, to impressive activations at SXSW, to a cross country roadshow, we are your resource to develop the strategy, the creative, and the execution to ultimately bring it all to life.

EMP is a creative partner who will ideate with you to design meaningful experiences that align with your objectives and brand – and drive audiences to action. From large-scale creative direction and audience journey maps to the smallest of touches, we know how to connect. 

Clients large and small call EMP a valuable resource that provides strategic imagination and creative vision to help them achieve the next level. And we do it while being flexible, agile and easy to work with.

Every event, whether it is online or in-person, creates content. How that content is shared, from speaker selection to what’s on your website, should all be approached strategically, and EMP has a team ready to partner with you to develop and execute a meaningful content strategy.

For events, the content offered is the top driver of why someone chooses to register for an event. In fact, we have the data to prove that content-related items are among the most important out of the top four drivers of why people attend events.

EMP will help you develop the content strategy for your external or internal events to:

  • align your event content to your overall event goals and objectives.
  • develop content strategy, including message hierarchy and delivery.
  • align speaker presentations with the event’s Red Thread.

Many client projects begin with a strategy workshop where primary stakeholders convene to clarify objectives and identify key areas of alignment with business objectives. These workshops unify and align the team, guiding the process of fulfilling event vision and execution. We provide executive-level support, counsel and coaching to the whole team seeing the event through from start to finish, bringing every element together seamlessly.

More than a decade ago, EMP created the Strategic Operating Model for Events (SOME) to establish a governance framework for large events that drives progress while providing a structured process for executive input and direction from Executive Sponsors and a Steering Committee. This framework, when paired with coordinated workstreams, is where the magic happens.

Talk to EMP about how this model can help streamline the complicated -- and sometimes messy – business of creating successful events.

Deeper understanding drives business intelligence that’s actionable. We believe in using data to drive decisions and that the most effective event marketing programs capture metrics to demonstrate their value within your marketing mix.

EMP can help you develop a process to establish benchmarks, drive insights and fuel future success.

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