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Referrals: EMP’s Key to Growth

At Event Marketing Partners (EMP), we take pride in the fact that we are a “right-sized” agency. We do not have large PR or Marketing budgets to tout our wins and successes, instead we invest our resources in our staff and our clients. We grow our business by referrals – almost exclusively.

Recently, we took on a new client to manage their event. They were referred to us by one of their most trusted vendors that we regularly partner with, as well. Although the project was, on the onset, somewhat daunting (compressed timeline, rather complex), we were instrumental in ensuring our client achieved their event objectives. Today we received the following email from the CEO of the partner who recommended us:
“Hi guys, just wanted to pass on my thanks for being a great partner under incredibly tight timeframes for the recent event. I knew when we recommended you, you would come through for us and you did!”

All of us at EMP appreciate their faith in us and our team.

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