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Project Management: Pre-Event & On-Site

Project Management:
Pre—Event & Onsite

EFFICIENTLY managing every element of the preparation and onsite execution to bring your event vision and goals to life.

Once we have your strategy and vision locked-in, your dates selected, and the venue contracted, the heavy lifting truly begins. EMP shines in assisting you successfully execute on all levels of logistics for all types of events. 
Our production team is the best in the business and can support all of your logistical and creative requirements. EMP has the audience acquisition, registration, housing, sponsorship, and creative experts to seamlessly produce an impact your events have never seen before. 

Whatever event marketing responsibility you require for your meetings and events, EMP has the talent and experience to support you and your organization. Partnering together, we will shape the evolution of creative and revenue-generating events. 

Each meeting and event has its own unique complexity, and requires careful logistics management to ensure functional, educational, and financial success. We approach the management of logistics with a focus on thorough, careful attention to every detail necessary to produce a successful meeting or event. 

Communication is priority one. Throughout the planning process, EMP provides operational and financial expertise, and timely reporting.  
Our rich experience of managing meetings and events, our commitment to leveraging best practices, and our significant past performance will give you the confidence your meeting or event is being executed with the highest degree of professionalism.

Sponsorship sales is a key component of user conferences. We have the experience, expertise, and data needed to help you develop a customized event sponsorship strategy, as well as the resources to implement it. 

To reach your sponsorship sales objectives, EMP will develop a “go-to-market” sponsorship strategy, create benefits packages for key eco-system partners, and utilize industry best practices, such as value-based pricing and competitive benchmarking.  

We will assist with your sales objectives at any level of involvement, from taking on the entire sales effort, to operating in conjunction with your internal or external sales teams. 

In addition, EMP can support all operational and financial requirements associated with your sponsorship program. We have experienced sponsor relationship managers who assist your partners with all of their operational/logistical needs and financial managers to invoice and collect the sponsorship revenue, reconciling all event accounting.

Successful audience acquisition starts with a smart strategy and requires the proper mix of tactics, compelling content, targeted calls to action, and effective execution. Once the strategy is in place, EMP will continue to help execute on the plan to drive attendance. 
After we have created alignment and focus to determine the appropriate audience, our team will collaborate with yours to develop impactful messaging and creative. Throughout the process we will continue testing to focus on attracting the right audience.  
The exact mix and communications cadence are driven by the findings of the audience segmentation and include email, social media, paid search, telemarketing, and other platforms. Our goal is to determine the most effective mix of tactics while keeping to the most efficient budget. The plan and metrics are monitored, assessed, and adjusted in real-time as we progress. 

We will manage all of the housing needs for your event, no matter the size. From a single property event, to a citywide conference, we guide you through every step of the process in creating strategies for hotel room block management. Our team is your partner throughout the process from sourcing venues, to contract negotiation, and post-conference reports.   
Our extensive negotiation skills help us ensure terms that are favorable for your organization and your participants. We monitor reports regularly to assess pick-up, in addition to the potential for exposure and risks.  
We can also work with third party housing partners to enable your team to focus on other elements of your events.
EMP housing management services include: 

  • Contract Negotiation 
  • Room Block Management (attendees, exhibitors, staff, and VIP) 
  • Attrition Management 
  • Post—Event Reconciliation 

Housing management goes right along with registration. 

Event registration and housing are key components of EMP’s suite of services. Our experts have managed thousands of events of every type and size, registering millions of participants. We will customize registration and housing solutions to make your job easier, while also ensuring this is the first step in a successful event experience for your participants. 

Registration solutions are scalable for events of any size, and completely customizable for programs ranging from intimate corporate events to road shows, mid-sized and large-scale industry/user conferences, trade shows, and events. 

Services include: 

  • Registration platform development 
  • Call center support 
  • Exhibitor resource center 
  • Mobile app  
  • Participant type management, hotel room blocks, and roommate assignments  
  • Acceptance of payments 
  • Personalized registration experience for every participant 
  • Management of on-site check-in process 
  • Badge printing (pre-printed or printed on-site) 
  • Robust reporting functionality

Our in-house production team creates events and main stage experiences tailored to your industry, budget, audience, destination, and more. Our focus and desire to execute for you at the highest level is the same, regardless of whether your event has a high-tech/large budget or a low-tech/limited budget.  

The focus of our team is squarely on every detail, and we have the experience and expertise to put your company center stage. Our productions are each individually designed to utilize the best methods to ensure your company’s vision is clearly communicated to your customers and prospects.  

EMP holds firm the belief that we can be uniquely creative while also maintaining tight budgetary restraints throughout the lifecycle of production. 
We work collaboratively with all the event players (hotel staff, audio-visual, thought leaders, etc.) to provide maximum audience impact. 

Types of production: 

  • Main stage – design, keynotes, and entertainment 
  • Breakouts 
  • Trade show floor activations and stages 
  • Outdoor activations including entertainment, sponsor zones, and product demo stations 
  • Road shows

For events, the content offered is the top driver of why someone chooses to register for an event. In fact, we have the data to prove that content-related items are among the most important out of the top four drivers of why people attend events. 
EMP will help you develop the content strategy for your external or internal events to: 

  • align your event content to your overall event goals and objectives. 
  • develop content strategy, including message hierarchy and delivery. 
  • align speaker presentations with the event’s Red Thread. 

We are also adept at speaker content development, executive script writing, main stage production elements, rehearsals (blocking, stage presence, delivery), and implementing last-minute content changes. Our team will help bring content to life to ensure it is presented in a memorable and impactful way.  

At EMP, we understand the importance of the key opinion leaders in your industry. Securing these leaders as speakers for your events are typically a major audience draw and, often, their presence can be a primary factor in an event’s success. We will source, negotiate, and secure content-relevant speakers for your events.  

Whether it’s a user conference, sales kick-off meeting, or incentive event, we will find the best speakers to help you motivate and educate your audiences to create the lasting impression we all strive for. 

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