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Program Management & Logistics

EFFICIENTLY managing every element of the preparation and onsite execution to bring your event vision and goals to life.

Once we have your strategy and vision locked-in, the heavy lifting truly begins. EMP shines in assisting you successfully execute on all levels of logistics for all types of events. 

Our team is the best in the business and can support all your logistical and creative requirements. EMP has the audience acquisition, registration, housing, sponsorship, and creative experts to seamlessly produce and impact your events like never before. 

Whatever event marketing responsibility you require for your meetings and events, EMP has the talent and experience to support you and your organization. Partnering together, we will shape the evolution of creative and revenue-generating events.

Each meeting and event has its own unique complexity, and requires careful logistics management to ensure functional, educational, and financial success. We approach the management of logistics with a focus on thorough, careful attention to every detail necessary to produce a successful meeting or event. 

Communication is priority one. Throughout the planning process, EMP provides operational and financial expertise, and timely reporting.  Our rich experience of managing meetings and events, our commitment to leveraging best practices, and our significant past performance will give you the confidence your meeting or event is being executed with the highest degree of professionalism.

You may have a history of using a familiar venue your participants adore... Or, you may be looking for new and innovative spaces that are the perfect environment to wow both new and current customers. EMP does this every day!  

Finding trusted vendor partners can also be a challenge. From production for your main stages to online events of all sizes, our vendor partners are the best in the business, and you can trust you’ll be in the right hands with our teams working together, seamlessly.

Event registration and housing are key components of EMP’s suite of services. Our experts have managed thousands of events of every type and size, registering millions of participants. We will customize registration and housing solutions to make your job easier, while also ensuring this is the first step in a successful event experience for your participants. 

Registration solutions are scalable for events of any size, and completely customizable for programs ranging from intimate corporate events to road shows, mid-sized and large-scale industry/user conferences, trade shows, and events. 

  • Food & Beverage consulting, pre-event and onsite management
  • Review menus, budgeting and offer suggestions on how to deliver quality, save money and ensure the F&B minimum is achieved
  • Review BEO's prior to event to ensure as smooth a set up as possible
  • Review proposals and contracts for evening receptions and events to ensure menus aren't duplicated and that contracts are correct prior to CLIENT review
  • Onsite supervision to ensure catering is placed and replenished according to BEOs
  • Review/reconcile F&B billings with hotel catering
  • EMP can support your program by managing the logistics needs of Ancillary Meetings and Events. We work directly with the meeting owner to ensure that all requirements/needs are met
  • Work with designated venue(s) to arrange all logistics of meetings and events to include food & beverage, audio visual, room set-up, etc.
  • Manage the scheduling and booking of requested meetings as required

We will manage all the housing needs for your event, no matter the size. From a single property event, to a citywide conference, we guide you through every step of the process in creating strategies for hotel room block management. Our team is your partner throughout the process from sourcing venues, to contract negotiation, and post-conference reports.   

Our extensive negotiation skills help us ensure terms that are favorable for your organization and your participants. We monitor reports regularly to assess pick-up, in addition to the potential for exposure and risks. We can also work with third party housing partners to enable your team to focus on other elements of your events.

EMP can provide and manage professional staffing solutions so that you don’t have to. We can supplement your booth team, staff registration or fulfill other needs.

EMP is adept at speaker content development, executive script writing, main stage production elements, rehearsals (blocking, stage presence, delivery), and implementing last-minute content changes. Our team will help bring content to life to ensure it is presented in a memorable and impactful way. 

Our team understands the importance of the key opinion leaders in your industry. Securing these leaders as speakers for your events are typically a major audience draw. EMP can source, negotiate, and secure content-relevant speakers for your events. 

Whether it’s a user conference, sales kick-off meeting, or incentive event, we will find the best speakers to help you motivate and educate your audiences to create the lasting impression we all strive for. EMP can help you down to the last detail, including:

  • Speaker sourcing and contracting
  • Speaker content development
  • Content management
  • Executive script writing
  • Main stage production elements
  • Rehearsals (blocking, stage presence, delivery)
  • Speaker training
  • Oversee RFP process for transportation vendors, if needed
  • Create transportation plan based on the needs of the event
  • Manage transportation vendors onsite

Event graphics are unique and require the expertise of professional graphic designers who understand the difference between main stage graphics, directional signage and wayfinding.  EMP has a team of designers who know the nuances of event design. They’re also used to working with large brands (and their creative guidelines) to stay on-brand, on task and on target whether they’re producing exhibit graphics, digital ads or a full suite of event marketing comms.

Whether your event presence needs a quick graphic refresh, a complete overhaul or simply new signage, EMP’s creative team can help with all your event design needs. 

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