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Post—Event Capabilities

THOROUGHLY planning your event by shaping your event vision and goals.

The event does not end onsite. Once the participants have left our events, there is much more work to be done to review what worked and what didn’t, and to help determine what future success will look like. 

Looking at the return on your investment is an ongoing process, and we will partner with you to discover the most appropriate way to measure success. Our team continues to be an extension of yours, helping to close out shows, surveying and measuring, and reconciling your financials. 

Successfully executing for our clients at all levels includes determining what’s next. We’ll work together to build, pare-down, or adjust your event marketing portfolio. 

Gaining a return on your investment through your events is essential. Assisting your sponsors and exhibitors realize a return on their investment is also key to driving show satisfaction and growth. EMP believes these ROI are interconnected, and we work with our clients to look at everything holistically. 
Analyzing ROI absolutely starts with what your goals. Determining and understanding your goals from the start during our initial strategic sessions is critical when reviewing all of the data to measure success. Keep in mind, ROI also does not always have to be revenue-related to demonstrate a positive outcome. 
ROI analysis is also part of a larger review of the overall event and your events portfolio. Let’s partner together to maximize your ROI, proving the value of the meetings and events we produce together

From the beginning stages of planning every event, through post event surveys, EMP compiles data. Data collection and interpretation is one of the keys to a successful event and is crucial to ensure that we can build upon its success. 

Your event marketing strategy starts with: 

  • the data to understand which events you are participating in or hosting today. 
  • the data to analyze your event choices by industry, sector, or region. 
  • the data to manage your event budgets. 

This information provides the opportunity to make informed decisions that drive you closer to achieving your business and marketing goals. 

Onsite we deploy the tools and processes for registration, session attendance, show floor activity, along with the time and budget management necessary to support the event. Surveys during and following the event mapped to your marketing objectives pulls together the data that allows us to work with you to identify how to build upon the current year for future events. 

Bottom line, our tools promote fact-based event decisions resulting in higher returns on investments and objectives, leading to the overall success of your event marketing programs.

When the event is over – the gear is packed up and we have all made our way home – we all know there is still plenty of work to be done! At EMP we pride ourselves on quickly reconciling all elements of your event.  
Overall budget management includes tracking every penny before during and after an event. Ensuring all vendors are paid, closing the loop with venues and their contractors, and tracking those elements that can be reused are all part of reconciling the finances. 
We will make sure all revenue has been collected, pulling together and supporting all of your financial elements.

Pulling together all of the data is important to not only determining the success of your, it is key to deciding what events you should create or participate in moving forward. 
Event marketing is constantly evolving. Our clients are having great success partnering with EMP to produce their user conferences, managing their field-marketing-driven road shows around the country, taking the reins to make sure the 3rd party events they take participate in are successful, and so much more. 
Looking at your target industry and beyond, we will help you and your team strategize regarding which opportunities make sense for the future to exceed your organization’s event marketing and brand awareness goals.

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