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CommVault's Data Therapy Dog Park at VMworld Commvault’s Data Therapy Dog Park at VMworld 2019 Attendees loved Commvault's Data Therapy Dog Park at VMWorld

About the Project

The Challenge: Commvault’s CMO came from SAP wanting to create a world class event, similar to SAPPHIRE, on a significantly smaller budget while driving revenue to Commvault’s bottom line.

The EMP Solution: Design Commvault GO using innovative techniques to significantly reduce event spend, including:

  • Lighting: SAPPHIRE has the budget to truss the entire show floor to replace house lights. EMP’s solution for GO used the theatrical ‘trick’ of gelling the house lights to achieve a similar lighting solution while at a fraction of the cost.
  • Registration: EMP both enhanced the attendee experience and reduced cost by eliminating registration counters. By breaking down the typical reg counters/barrier, we created space allowing attendees to engage with trained brand ambassadors to help educate them on the conference, provide directions and next steps.
  • Agency Policies: At EMP, we do not mark-up third-party vendor costs, plus as smaller agency, we don’t have the overhead of larger ones, allowing our agency fees lower. Our policies resulted in significant cost savings for Commvault.

Many of our staff are Disney trained and as a result, like all Disney experiences, we added personal touches that helped weave GO’s red thread throughout the event to help reinforce messaging. We also added an innovative touch by providing wireless headphones for show floor breakout sessions, allowing attendees to explore while listening. At every step, EMP worked with Commvault to work smarter in order to provide the best possible attendee experience. By working with EMP, Commvault saved over $100,000 in fees.



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