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Planning Your Event

THOROUGHLY planning your event by shaping your event vision and goals.

The pre—event planning begins before the execution – this is an area where EMP excels and will help shape your vision and goals for each event you decide to take part in or plan from the ground up. 

Putting the right people in the right seats is essential. 

Our team becomes an extension of yours, serving as your overall project manager, lead strategist, content wrangler, experience designer, and more. There isn’t anything our team can’t do and hasn’t already done to successfully execute for our clients at all levels.

Whether your event is held in person or online – or both – we can help you create year-round engagement with your audiences that supports demand-gen, thought leadership, and brand awareness. 

Our approach to online and hybrid events is not limited to a single platform or technology. We partner with our clients to focus on creating powerful, engaging experiences, regardless of where or how they are held. The experiences we create together should drive the activation. 

EMP’s team of event professionals will help produce and manage your online event experiences, whether you’re participating in an outside event or holding one within your own organization. 

Creating a bond between you and your customers and prospects is more impactful when they are involved in the experience, and not simply observing. An immersive, interactive experience increases excitement and engagement with your brand, and creates a bond that is memorable.  
We are consistently developing engagements that create lasting memories AND drive sales, while sharing the benefits of your brand, products, and services.  

From a conference trade show floor, to impressive activations at SXSW, to a cross country roadshow, we are your resource to develop the strategy, the creative, and the execution to ultimately bring it all to life.

Every event we develop, whether it is online or in-person, creates content. How that content is shared, from who your speakers are, to what’s on your website, to the feedback you get from your events should all be approached strategically, and EMP has a team ready to partner with you to develop and execute on that strategy. 
“Content” is everything, beginning with the first word someone might see online about your event on your website, in social media, or through earned media. Approaching your entire event portfolio with a holistic view before, during, and after every event will ensure everything is considered – and consistent.  

Our EMP creative strategists have a rich history of developing environments that inspire and bring brand stories to life.

You may have a history of using a familiar venue your participants adore... Or, you may be looking for new and innovative spaces that are the perfect environment to wow both new and current customers. EMP does this for our valued clients every day!  

Summon our team to source these important spaces for you. 
Finding trusted vendor partners can also be a challenge, and EMP will handle this very important work for you. From production for your main stages to online events of all sizes, our vendor partners are the best in the business, and you can trust you’ll be in the right hands with our teams working together, seamlessly.

The logistical element of how to get the proper audience to the appropriate events is right in our wheelhouse. Successful audience acquisition starts with a smart strategy and requires the proper mix of tactics, compelling content, targeted calls to action, and effective execution. 

Our process begins with discovery to define target markets, understand personas, and document event objectives. 

Pairing our extensive experience with the most current data and insights gleaned from audience segmentation and future trends, we create a successful audience acquisition strategy and detailed contact strategies for each audience segment. 

Selling sponsorships is a huge piece of your revenue puzzle. EMP doesn’t simply help you sell sponsorships–we want to partner with you to develop strategically designed packages that provide value to your event, brand, and the organizations sponsoring your events. 

Working together to create a roadmap of value is the goal. Our team brings a blend of competitiveness and customer service to our clients. We have extensive experience surpassing revenue goals, while simultaneously providing your sponsors with exemplary customer service.  

Providing your sponsors with a positive experience from initial contact, through the event, and post—event plays a large part in their decision to return to your event. Retention of sponsors is imperative to retain core sponsor revenue! We then build off of that base with new prospects to increase both the number of sponsors and revenue that comes from those sponsorships. 

We will assist with your sponsorship sales objectives at any level of involvement, from taking on the entire sales effort, to operating in conjunction with your internal or external sales teams. 

Your website, event app, and event registration can all work in concert, or they can be independent of each other. Whichever strategy works best for your organization, EMP has a diverse team of seasoned development professionals to meet your requirements. 

We know there is so much more to these event assets – simply building them is not the only solution. Search engine optimization is a critical part of the process to gain maximum support for your organization and events, and we are equipped and experienced in driving attendance for our clients’ events.  

EMP’s talented team also creates powerful, easy-to-use apps designed to enhance attendee experiences, provide users with a unique service, or simplify internal processes. We prioritize clean, organized back ends and dynamic, scalable front ends when developing web portals, enterprise automation apps, microsites, and e-commerce solutions. 

Whether you need an overall creative graphic design for your annual event or a complete brand overhaul, EMP’s designers will help you with ideating and development of all your graphic design needs.  

As part of your team, we will help you discover or amplify the brand identity that reflects your organization’s values and emotionally connects with your clients and audiences. 

We want to help establish or grow your brand through innovative production of digital and printed assets.

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