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Our Capabilities

Event strategy is at the heart of EMP’s core offering and processes. We work closely with our clients to determine the best portfolio of events to host and sponsor, and to exhibit and speak within. Our process is designed to establish the ideal quantity, mix, frequency, type, and cadence of events to generate pipeline, drive relationships, sales, and ROI.

We believe in asking “why” and digging deeply into goals, data, and perceptions with insightful questions designed to yield both keen understanding and untapped opportunity.

Once the overall event portfolio is established, it’s time to create individual event strategies detailing how each event will deliver on its objectives, as well as its role in the overall portfolio strategy. This strategy outlines a set of compelling journeys for each attendee segment to indicate how each will receive an effective, engaging, and customized experience. 

Most importantly, we are always poised to modify an event portfolio composition, aware that change is inevitable.

Strategy & Creative

STRATEGICALLY aligning event marketing with your organization’s business objectives.

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Program Management & Logistics

EFFICIENTLY managing every element of the preparation and onsite execution to bring your event vision and goals to life.

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Event Production & Management

You only get one shot with a live event. It must be right the first time. No mistakes. No issues.

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Audience Acquisition

Once the strategy is in place, EMP will continue to help execute on the plan to drive attendance.

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We will assist with your sponsorship sales objectives at any level of involvement, from taking on the entire sales effort, to operating in conjunction with your internal or external sales teams.

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Video Production, Graphic Design, Web Development, Mobile Apps, Digital Animation, Marketo, AEM, WordPress, Adobe WorkFront.

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