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Event Strategy

STRATEGICALLY aligning event marketing with your organization’s business objectives.

Successful event strategies align with business objectives, have clearly defined goals, and create compelling engagement. EMP can help you create an event marketing strategy to reach your target audiences how and where you need to meet them.

Whether your event strategy needs a refresh or a reboot for today’s reality, EMP’s proven process will help you to understand your audiences’ needs and how to best connect with them.

Event marketing is an essential part of the overall marketing mix for our clients. Our team works closely with you to develop an event marketing strategy and scenario planning designed to achieve your business objectives.

Fresh ideas and a data-driven approach guide our process. Whether you rely on third-party events, proprietary events, road shows or all of the above, EMP can help you define and execute a growth strategy that delivers.

So many choices, so little clarity. We hear that a lot. EMP’s portfolio planning process is designed to help you maximize your marketing spend by objectively identifying and prioritizing the key events that align with your goals and your target audiences.

Our process eliminates subjectivity and takes the guesswork out of which events have the greatest reach and ability to drive ROI for your organization.

Events are filled with touch points and opportunities to connect. EMP is a creative partner who will ideate with you to design meaningful experiences that align with your objectives and brand – and drive audiences to action.

From large-scale creative direction and audience journey maps to the smallest of touches, we know how to connect. Clients large and small call EMP a valuable resource that provides strategic imagination and creative vision to help them achieve the next level. And we do it while being flexible, agile and easy to work with.

Successful audience acquisition requires a strategy that’s targeted and structured, yet flexible enough to adapt as needed.  Audience acquisition strategies are a roadmap and tool that should evolve and adapt based on response rates and actual results. Think of it as a GPS system that knows your final destination and uses real-time updates to redirect based on obstacles if needed. It starts by defining:

  • Who you’re targeting
  • What will compel them to attend
  • The best tools for reaching them
  • Proper comms cadence

We help clients develop a strategy and process for their comms strategies and help establish measurement framework benchmarks.

Deeper understanding drives business intelligence that’s actionable. We believe in using data to drive decisions and that the most effective event marketing programs capture metrics to demonstrate their value within your marketing mix. EMP can help you develop a measurement program to establish benchmarks, drive insights and fuel future success.

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