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Event Marketing Partners Proud to Support Experiential Marketing Measurement Coalition as a Founding Member

February 2021 saw the launch of the Experiential Marketing Measurement Coalition by founder Dax Callner and a small group of like-minded experiential agencies including Event Marketing Partners.

EMMC is a group of experiential marketing organizations coming together to drive standardized core marketing metrics and measurement methodologies essential to demonstrating value delivered as a result of experiential marketing activations. The organization will also establish industry benchmark data as well as an agency certification process to ensure compliance with EMMC-established standards.

“Since launching EMP more than a decade ago, we’ve known the importance of documenting the value that events deliver for our clients, so it was an easy decision to join EMMC,” said Gordon Stake, EMP Managing Partner.  “Understanding the value of measurement led me to co-found The Technology Event Marketing Strategy Council (TEMSC) and I’ve been an active member of the Corporate Event Marketing Association (CEMA) for the same reason. The pandemic – and loss of in-person events – has definitely proven the value in-person events deliver for lead generation and brand building. But as an industry, we need to be better at showing the value events add as part of the overall marketing mix. It is critical to our industry that we capture business metrics that illustrate how events are an essential marketing tactic. Standardizing these metrics and creating benchmarks through EMMC is a step forward for all of us.” For more information on EMMC, visit:

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