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Event Coordinator – Connection

Company Name: Connection
: Merrimack, NH 
Type: Full Time

Job Description:

Working under direct supervision of the Manager, Marketing Events, selecting from a variety of established procedures to accomplish assigned duties and responsibilities, the Events Coordinator handles the administrative duties for small internal events and some trade shows including but not limited to training schedule, trade show registration, check requests/purchase orders, communication with all relevant parties (sales, trade show attendees and marketing), event packing and shipping, invoice processing, minimal maintenance of budget and organizing events/trade show docs/files. The Events Coordinator also supports the Events team as needed with organization and registration at various events.


Primary duties:

  • Handles a variety of administrative duties for small internal events and some trade shows.
  • Coordinates Vendor trainings for Sales and updates schedules/calendars.
  • Manages trade show registration, organizes attendance with proper parties, partner involvement and schedules.
  • Orders equipment and supplies for trade shows including booth space, and organizes events/trade shows documents/files/calendars.
  • Communicates with all relevant parties (Sales/Partner attendees and other departments such as; Product Marketing/Marketing/Creative) regarding event needs, demo preferences, and all set up requirements.
  • Handles accounting processes such as check requests/purchase orders and invoices. Updates event budgets.
  • Assists Event Manager/Planners with misc. material prep and requests creative pieces and registration site pieces.
  • Performs other duties as assigned:
  • Provides occasional assistance with other events going on: registration at offsite events, stuffing envelopes, printing badges/registration sheet, packing day of materials, etc. and other duties as assigned.

Required Competencies

  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite with ability to create a document or simple spreadsheet.
  • Technical aptitude with ability to absorb and apply newly learned technical skills
  • Attention to detail in composing, keying, and proofing professional business materials
  • Customer oriented with ability to listen to and anticipate needs of the customer
  • Basic knowledge of event planning with ability to organize a small internal company event or meeting
  • Adaptable with ability to switch tasks based on shifting priorities, move from one event to another at multiple times during any given day
  • Articulate with ability to express oneself clearly and professionally in written and oral communication
  • Interpersonal skills with ability to work well with all levels of the organization
  • Detail oriented with item by item focus, meticulous attention to detail with ability to proofread for accuracy
  • Creative with ability to develop original solutions to problems
  • Good listening skills with ability to receive information completely and understand what is being said
  • Organized state of mind with ability to document activities, anticipate problems, plan schedules and monitor performance according to priorities and deadlines
  • Perceptive with ability to understand the needs and values of others
  • Self-directed with ability to stay focused and complete multiple tasks as needed

USD $19.65/Hr.

USD $24.57/Hr.

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