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Customer / User Conferences Sponsorship Sales: Two Components Overlooked Too Often

Customer Conferences Sponsorship Sales

When it comes to securing sponsors for an event, host companies often focus on the “dynamic duo” of attendee demographics and purchase plans/buying influence.

While focusing on the above may get your foot in the door and even result in signed sponsorship agreements, in the increasing competitive sponsorship sales landscape you may want to remember to expand your focus by including the top two* additional items: Leads and Testimonials.

Providing the total number of leads sponsors captured at your previous year’s customer/user conference will help remind them of the value of partnering with you again this year. For prospects, the average number of leads from sponsors/exhibitors last year can help secure the sale. This may also to help increase their commitment (for example, elevating from a Bronze to a Silver or from a 10×10 to a 10×20 property).

Testimonials tell the story of how other companies achieved their event marketing and sales goals by sponsoring or exhibiting at your event. Consider not only including written ones in your sponsorship prospectus, but using video on you event website is a great way to showcase testimonials and give them “life”. We all know the power of testimonials for audience acquisition, you should use it for sponsorship acquisition, as well. Where else can potential attendees or sponsors ‘see’ the value of the event and why they have to be there live?

Remember, sometimes a potential sponsor is looking for one kernel of information to sign a sponsorship/exhibitor agreement. Make sure you’re taking the time to provide them with a complete picture to help them make their decision to partner with you.

*According to data provided by ESI

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