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Audience Acquisition

Successful audience acquisition starts with a smart strategy and requires the proper mix of tactics, compelling content, targeted calls to action, and effective execution. Once the strategy is in place, EMP will continue to help execute on the plan to drive attendance. 

After we have created alignment and focus to determine the appropriate audience, our team will collaborate with yours to develop impactful messaging and creative. Throughout the process we will continue testing to focus on attracting the right audience.  

The exact mix and communications cadence are driven by the findings of the audience segmentation and include email, social media, paid search, telemarketing, and other platforms. Our goal is to determine the most effective mix of tactics while keeping to the most efficient budget. The plan and metrics are monitored, assessed, and adjusted in real-time as we progress. 

  • Email comms & landing pages
  • Digital advertising & paid search
  • Social media  (organic & paid campaign)
  • Landing pages and websites
  • Motion graphics & animations
  • Geo-fencing
  • Public relations
  • SMS text marketing
  • Localization
  • Internal communications
  • Incentive programs
  • Mobile apps
  • Metrics
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