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Few Thoughts on Virtual Events Part 2

A Few Thoughts on Virtual Events (Part 2)

Meet The Simms. Am I copywrite?

In most cases, the event industry initially tried to create virtual events that mimicked online games. Although gamification works well as a component, attendees join virtual events with their ‘work faces’ on. They want the applicable content, not Max Headroom, and you must take into account they’re working. Multitasking is a myth, so cut the live presentation at least in half and have it delivered by someone who hasn’t embraced 2020’s Top Fashion Trend: Sleepwear IS Workwear! I’ll delve deeper into this in a future Virtual Event Best Practices: Content blog.

Understanding attendees of virtual events want streamlined, engaging content delivered by professional thought leaders on a platform that waxes ‘business’ is key to developing your future event strategy, whether it’s for virtual, hybrid, or live events…yes, even live events. Post-event online content is like the Super Bowl: Many will watch the highlights, but few want to sit through the entire game again. Upcoming Virtual Event Best Practices blogs will focus on additional aspects which need to be considered when developing your next strategy, and most likely, will be applicable for many years to come.

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